Liebherr PR 712-752 Series 2 Litronic Crawler Dozers Service Manual

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This complete service repair workshop manual PDF download for the PR 712-752 Series 2 Litronic Liebherr Crawler Dozers 2004 has easy to read text sections with top quality diagrams, pictures and illustrations. The step by step instructions show you how to fault find or complete any repair or overhaul, correctly and efficiently, saving time and avoiding costly mistakes. All specifications and tolerances are listed. Functions of components and systems are also explained.

This manual contains technical data, descriptions of design and function, repair and adjustment guidelines as well as numerous drawings, functional views and illustrations LIEBHERR - crawler dozers (PR), crawler loaders (LR) or pipelayers (RL).


2004 Liebherr PR 712-752 Series 2 Litronic Crawler Dozers


1. General Information
2. Special Tools, Application Guidelines
3. Technical Data - Maintenance Guidelines
4. Engine
5. Coupling and Splitter Box
6. Travel Hydraulic
7. Working Hydraulic
8. Hydraulic Components
9. Electrical System
10. Electronic Control
11. Travel Gear
12. Track Components
13. Attachments - front
14. Attachments - rear
15. Main Frame - Add On Components
16. Tank Installation's
17. Operators Platform, Heater, Air Conditioner
18. Special Attachments
19. Miscellaneous Informations


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This service repair workshop manual PDF download contains specs, diagrams, actual real photo illustrations, and schemes. In addition to space savings, nice thing about having completly searcheble PDF files instead of a hard-printed manual is that you can use the Search feature in your PDF reader software (Adobe Acrobat) to find just what your looking for and just print out the exact pages you need or all manual easily. This is the same Repair Service manual your local dealer will use when doing a repair.

All pages are printable, so run off what you need & take it with you into the garage or workshop. Save money $$ by doing your own repairs! These manuals make it easy for any skill level with these very easy to follow, step-by-step instructions! Instant download means no shipping cost or waiting for a CD to arrive in the mailyou will receive this manual today via instant download on completion of payment via our secure payment processor. We accept all major credit/debit cards/paypal.


1 General Information
Foreword and explanation
Safety guidelines
Hand signals
Service items
Table - charts
Conversion table
Tightening torques standard screws
Tightening torques SAE screws
Hole diameter before tapping
ISO - tolerances
Code letters + terminal designations

2 Special Tools, Application Guidelines
Special tools
Special tools Liebherr Diesel engine
Special tools general hydraulic repair
Special tools hydraulic pressure testing
Special tools hydraulic cylinder
Special tools general - electric repair
Special tools wiring harness
Special tools mech. components
Repair welding
Installation guidelines
Installation guidelines Duo-Cone-Seals
Wiring installation guidelines ITT-Cannon plug
Wiring installation guidelines Harting plug
Wiring installation guidelines AMP plug

3 Technical Data - Maintenance Guidelines
Technical data
PR 712 F/N xxx-0103->0500
PR 712B F/N xxx-0501->2999
PR 712B F/N xxx-3001->3083
PR 712B F/N xxx-3084->5599
PR 712B F/N xxx-5600->
PR 722 F/N xxx-0103->1000
PR 722B F/N xxx-1001->3000
PR 722B F/N xxx-3001->3170
PR 722B F/N xxx-3171->5599
PR 722B F/N xxx-5600->
PR 732 F/N xxx-2003->2500
PR 732B F/N xxx-2501->2999
PR 732B F/N xxx-3000->3135
PR 732B F/N xxx-3136->5599
PR 732B F/N xxx-5600->
PR 742 F/N xxx-2001->2500
PR 742B F/N xxx-2501->2999
PR 742B F/N xxx-3000->3088
PR 742B F/N xxx-3089->5233
PR 742B F/N xxx-5234->5599
PR 742B F/N xxx-5600->
PR 752 F/N 324-2002->5599
PR 752 F/N xxx-5600->6199
PR 752 F/N xxx-6200->
Maintenance and inspection guidelines
3.2.10 Maintenance and inspection guidelines
3.2.11 Maintenance and inspection guidelines
3.2.12 Maintenance and inspection guidelines
3.2.13 Maintenance and inspection guidelines
3.2.14 Maintenance and inspection guidelines
3.2.15 Maintenance and inspection guidelines
Maintenance and inspection instructions
Adjustment checklist and quick reference
3.5.00 Adjustment checklist and quick reference
3.5.01 Adjustment checklist and quick reference
3.5.02 Adjustment checklist and quick reference
3.5.03 Adjustment checklist and quick reference
3.5.50 Adjustment checklist and quick reference
3.5.51 Adjustment checklist and quick reference
3.5.52 Adjustment checklist and quick reference

4 Engine
Technical data LH engine
LH - engine in line
LH - engine in line "E"
LH - engine V-type
Power, torque LH engine
Power, torque LH - engine in line
Power, torque LH - engine in line "E"
Fan and cylinder configuration LH Diesel engine
Remove and Install Engine fan

5 Coupling and Splitter Box
Technical data couling and splitter box
5.2.10 Coupling
5.2.30 Coupling
5.2.50 Coupling
Splitter box
5.3.10 Splitter box
5.3.30 Splitter box
5.3.50 Splitter box
5.3.51 Splitter box

6 Travel Hydraulic
Technical data
Description PR 712 up to PR 742
Description PR 752
Function / Schematics
6.3.10 Function
6.3.10 Schematic
6.3.11 Function
6.3.11 Schematic
6.3.12 Function
6.3.12 Schematic
6.3.30 Function
6.3.30 Schematic
6.3.31 Function
6.3.31 Schematic
6.3.32 Function
6.3.32 Schematic
6.3.33 Function
6.3.33 Schematic
6.3.40 Function
6.3.40 Schematic
6.3.41 Schematic
6.3.42 Function
6.3.42 Schematic
6.3.50 Function
6.3.50 Schematic
6.3.51 Function
6.3.51 Schematic
6.3.52 Function
6.3.52 Schematic
6.3.53 Function
6.3.53 Schematic
Hydraulic hose routing
Installation guidelines travel motor - high pressure hoses
6.4.10 Hydraulic hose routing
6.4.30 Hydraulic hose routing
6.4.40 Hydraulic hose routing
Test and adjustment

7 Working Hydraulic
Technical data
Function / Schematics
7.3.10 Function
7.3.10 Schematic
7.3.11 Function
7.3.11 Schematic
7.3.12 Function
7.3.12 Schematic
7.3.30 Function
7.3.30 Schematic
7.3.40 Function
7.3.40 Schematic
7.3.50 Function
7.3.50 Schematic
7.3.51 Function
7.3.51 Schematic
7.3.52 Function
7.3.52 Schematic
Hydraulic hose routing
7.4.10 Hydraulic hose routing
7.4.30 Hydraulic hose routing
7.4.40 Hydraulic hose routing
Test and adjustment

8 Hydraulic Components
Variable pump travel hydraulic
8.1.01 Intermediate flange
8.1.10 Variable pump
8.1.40 Variable pump
8.1.41 Variable pump
8.1.50 Variable pump
Variable motor travel hydraulic
8.2.10 Variable motor
8.2.30 Variable motor
8.2.50 Variable motor
Variable flow pump working hydraulic
8.3.10 Variable flow pump
8.3.40 Variable flow pump
Constant pumps and motors
Gear pump travel hydraulic
Axial piston - constant motor fan drive
Pilot control valve working hydraulic
Description, function pilot control valve 4-way
Adjustment, repair pilot control valve 4-way
8.5.03 Pilot control valve 2-way
8.5.10 Pilot control valve 4-way
8.5.40 Pilot control valve 4-way
Control valve block
8.6.10 Control valve block
8.6.11 Control valve block
8.6.12 Control valve block
8.6.50 Control valve block
8.6.51 Control valve block
Pressure valves
Directional valves
Shut off valves
Other valves
Hydraulic cylinder

9 Electrical System
Current flow diagram
9.1.10 Current flow diagram
9.1.11 Current flow diagram
9.1.12 Current flow diagram
9.1.13 Current flow diagram
9.1.14 Current flow diagram
9.1.15 Current flow diagram
9.1.16 Current flow diagram
9.1.30 Current flow diagram
9.1.31 Current flow diagram
9.1.50 Current flow diagram
9.1.51 Current flow diagram
9.1.52 Current flow diagram
9.1.53 Current flow diagram
Electrical schematic and wiring
9.2.10 Wiring
9.2.10 Electrical schematic
9.2.11 Wiring
9.2.11 Electrical schematic
9.2.12 Wiring
9.2.12 Electrical schematic
9.2.13 Wiring
9.2.13 Electrical schematic
9.2.14 Wiring
9.2.14 Electrical schematic
9.2.15 Wiring
9.2.15 Electrical schematic
9.2.16 Wiring
9.2.16 Electrical schematic
9.2.17 Wiring
9.2.17 Electrical schematic
9.2.18 Wiring
9.2.18 Electrical schematic
9.2.19 Wiring
9.2.19 Electrical schematic
9.2.30 Wiring
9.2.30 Electrical schematic
9.2.31 Wiring
9.2.31 Electrical schematic
9.2.32 Wiring
9.2.32 Electrical schematic
9.2.33 Wiring
9.2.33 Electrical schematic
9.2.40 Wiring
9.2.40 Electrical schematic
9.2.41 Wiring
9.2.41 Electrical schematic
9.2.50 Wiring
9.2.50 Electrical schematic
9.2.51 Wiring
9.2.51 Electrical schematic
9.2.52 Wiring
9.2.52 Electrical schematic
9.2.53 Wiring
9.2.53 Electrical schematic
9.2.54 Wiring
9.2.54 Electrical schematic
9.2.55 Wiring
9.2.55 Electrical schematic
9.2.56 Wiring
9.2.56 Electrical schematic
Instrument panel
9.3.10 Instrument panel
9.3.11 Instrument panel
9.3.12 Instrument panel
9.3.13 Instrument panel
9.3.14 Instrument panel
9.3.15 Instrument panel
9.3.16 Instrument panel
9.3.17 Instrument panel
9.3.18 Instrument panel
9.3.19 Instrument panel
9.3.40 Instrument panel
9.3.41 Instrument panel
9.3.50 Instrument panel
9.3.51 Instrument panel
9.3.52 Instrument panel
9.3.53 Instrument panel
9.3.54 Instrument panel
9.3.55 Instrument panel
Location of electrical components

10 Electronic Control
Electrical schematic and wiring
10.2.10 Wiring
10.2.10 Electrical schematic - electronics
10.2.11 Wiring
10.2.11 Electrical schematic - electronics
10.2.12 Wiring
10.2.12 Electrical schematic - electronics
10.2.13 Wiring
10.2.13 Electrical schematic - electronics
10.2.40 Wiring
10.2.40 Electrical schematic - electronics
10.2.50 Wiring
10.2.50 Electrical schematic - electronics
10.2.51 Wiring
10.2.51 Electrical schematic - electronics
10.2.52 Wiring
10.2.52 Electrical schematic - electronics
Description of function
Diagnostic test box application
Linkage Electronic engine speed sensing horsepower control system
Pedal control tester application
Travel control joystick
10.7.10 Travel control joystick
10.7.11 Travel control joystick
10.7.12 Travel control joystick 3 ranges

11 Travel Gear
Technical data
Construction, function travel gear
Remove and install
11.3.10 Travel gear type A
11.3.11 Travel gear type A
11.3.12 Travel gear type A
11.3.13 Travel gear type C
11.3.14 Travel gear type P
11.3.15 Travel gear type P-D
11.3.16 Travel gear type D
11.3.17 Travel gear type D
11.3.50 Travel gear PR 752
11.3.51 Travel gear PR 752
11.3.52 Travel gear PR 752

12 Track Components
Technical data
Description, function, wear effects
Measuring instructions and evaluation of wear
Appraisal report
Wear chart
PR 712 F/N xxx-0103->0500
PR 712B F/N xxx-0501->
PR 722 F/N xxx-0103->1000
PR 722B F/N xxx-1001->
PR 722B F/N xxx-5xxx->
PR 732 F/N xxx-2003->2500
PR 732B F/N xxx-2501->
PR 732B F/N xxx-5xxx->
PR 742 F/N xxx-2001->2500
PR 742B F/N xxx-2501->
PR 742B F/N xxx-5xxx->
PR 752 F/N xxx-2001->5071
PR 752 F/N xxx-5072->
Front idler
Front idler PR 712->PR 742
Idler guide / Yoke assembly PR 712 F/N xxx-0103->
Idler guide / Yoke assembly PR 722 -> PR 742
Idler unit PR 722B F/N xxx-3017->
Idler unit PR 732B F/N xxx-3094->
Front idler PR 752 F/N xxx-2002->7421
Front idler PR 752 F/N xxx-7422->
Track adjuster unit
Track adjuster unit PR 712->PR 742
Track adjuster unit PR 722->PR 732
Track adjuster unit PR 752
Track roller
Track roller PR 712->PR 742
Track roller PR 752 F/N xxx-2002->5801
Track roller PR 752 F/N xxx-5802->
Carrier roller
Track roller frame
Track roller frame PR 712->PR 722
Track roller frame PR 732->PR 742
Support shaft preassembled
Support shaft PR 712->PR 742
Support shaft PR 752

13 Attachments - front
Attachment - straight- / semi-U-blade
13.2.10 Straight- / semi-U-blade
13.2.40 Blade with hydraulic pitch angle adjustment
13.2.50 Semi-U-blade with hydraulic pitch angle adjustment
13.2.51 Semi-U-blade with hydraulic pitch angle adjustment
Attachment - 6-way-blade

14 Attachments - rear
Attachment - ripper
14.2.10 Ripper
14.2.11 Ripper
14.2.50 Ripper
14.2.51 Ripper
Attachment - cable winch

15 Main Frame - Add On Components
Cooler / radiator arrangement
Lift cylinder mount
Engine mounts
Equalizer bar
15.4.10 Equalizer bar
15.4.50 Equalizer bar

16 Tank Installation's
Hydraulic tank
16.1.10 Hydraulic tank
16.1.11 Hydraulic tank
16.1.30 Hydraulic tank
16.1.50 Hydraulic tank
Fuel tank
16.2.10 Fuel tank
16.2.50 Fuel tank
Battery box
16.3.10 Battery box
16.3.50 Battery box

17 Operators Platform, Heater, Air Conditioner
Hydraulic tilting device
Heater and blower
Warm water heater with fresh air blower
Heater and blower
Engine operation
17.4.10 Engine operation
17.4.11 Engine operation
17.4.50 Engine operation
17.4.51 Engine operation
Air conditioner
17.5.10 Air conditioner
17.5.11 Air conditioner
17.5.11 Electrical schematic air conditioner
17.4.11 Electrical schematic air conditioner

18 Special Attachments
Electrical schematic - canopy
Refueling pump
Electrical schematics - additional lights
18.3.10 Arrangements - additional lights
18.3.11 Arrangements - additional lights
18.3.50 Arrangements - additional lights
Electrical schematics - additional heaters
18.4.40 Warm water heater WEBASTO
18.4.50 Warm water heater WEBASTO
18.4.50 Auxiliary heater EBERSBÄCHER
18.4.50 Flame glow control unit
Operator's seat with air suspension
18.5.10 Operator's seat with air suspension
18.5.40 Operator's seat with air suspension
Hydraulic oil temperature gauge
18.7.10 Hydraulic oil temperature gauge
18.7.50 Hydraulic oil temperature gauge
Reversible fans
18.5.50 Reversible fans
18.8.51 Reversible fans

19 Miscellaneous Informations
Storage (preservation) guidelines
Material classification
Weight of materials