Komatsu WA900-3 Wheel Loader Field Assembly Manual (50001 and up) - GEN00019-00

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This is a COMPLETE Field Assembly Manual for the Komatsu WA900-3 Wheel Loader (SN: 50001 and up), provides you with everything you need to know in order to assembly your Komatsu safely and effectively. Step-by-step assembly procedure, parts installation, adjustment and maintenance procedure after completion of assembly.


Komatsu WA900-3 avance Wheel Loader
Serial Numbers : 50001 and up


Field assembly instruction
A-10 General drawing and transportation specification of machine
A-20 Drawings of disassembled units
A-30 Dimensions of removed units
A-40 Layout of work space
A-50 Necessary tools
A-60 Necessary equipments and slings
A-70 List of oils, greases, and paints
A-80 Frame stand
A-90 Field assembly schedule
Assembly procedure
B-10A Coupling front and rear frames
B-20A Installing steering pin
B-30A Installing drive shaft
B-40A Connecting piping
B-50 Positioning axles and installing supports
B-60 Positioning bare machine
B-70 Installing rear axle
B-80 Procedure for installing cover on rear axle side
B-90 Installing rear axle piping and drive shaft
B-100 Installing front axle
B-110 Installing front axle piping and connecting drive shaft
B-120 Installing tires
B-130 Installing fuel tank
B-140 Installing drain line
B-150 Connecting and fixing fuel piping
B-160 Fixing drain hoses of engine
B-170 Installing ladder (right)
B-180 Installing floor and cab assembly
B-190 Connecting air conditioner hoses
B-200 Connecting brake line
B-210 Connecting PPC line hoses
B-220 Connecting wiring harnesses
B-230 Connecting steering oil line
B-240 Connecting throttle cable
B-250 Installing floor cover
B-260 Connecting windshield washer hose and supplying washer fluid
B-270 Installing battery box assembly
B-280 Wiring battery
B-290 Wiring diagram for battery
B-300 Installing battery step
B-310 Installing handrail (to right bracket)
B-320 Installing handrail (to right battery box and top hood)
B-330 Installing rear access step
B-340 Installing left handrail
B-350 Installing rear view mirrors
B-360 Installing muffler pipe
B-370 Installing counterweight
B-380 Installing front lamp assembly
B-390 Installing ROPS canopy assembly
B-400 Installing antenna and working lamp
B-410 Installing floor mat
B-420 Installing front fenders
B-430 Procedure for starting engine
B-440 Installing boom assembly
B-450 Connecting remote grease tubes
B-460 Preparing for installing bucket
B-470 Procedure for installing bucket
B-480 Adjusting bucket positioner
B-490 Adjusting boom kick-out
B-500 Adjusting drive force UP switch
B-510 Procedure for bleeding air from work equipment circuit
AJSS specification (if equipped)
Field assembly inspection report


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Product Code : GEN00019-00
Total Pages : 85

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