Komatsu PC800-8, PC800LC-8, PC800SE-8, PC850-8, PC850SE-8 Hydraulic Excavator Field Assembly Instruction - GEN00048-06

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The Field Assembly Manual provides you with everything you need to know in order to assembly your Komatsu PC800-8, PC800LC-8, PC800SE-8, PC850-8, PC850SE-8 Hydraulic Excavator safely and effectively. Step-by-step assembly procedure, parts installation, adjustment and maintenance procedure after completion of assembly.


Komatsu PC800-8 - S/N: 50001 and up
Komatsu PC800LC-8 - S/N: 50001 and up
Komatsu PC800SE-8 - S/N: 50001 and up
Komatsu PC850-8 - S/N: 10001 and up
Komatsu PC850SE-8 - S/N: 10001 and up


Precautions for Field Assembly
Disposal of Removed Parts
Assembling Procedures, Applicable Equipment and Schedule
Kit Layout Diagram
List of Tools for Field Assembling
Tightening Torque
Coating Materials

A. Assembly of Chassis
A- 1. Installation of Left and Right Track Frames
A- 2. Installation of Travel Pipe
A- 3. Installation of Top Guard
A- 4. Installation of Radiator Cover
A- 5. Installation of Rearview Mirror
A- 6. Installation of Left Side Step
A- 7. Installation of Handrail
A- 8. Installation of Handrail (With top guard)
A- 9. Installation of Muffler Tail Tube
A-10. Sticking Sheet to Counterweight
A-11. Installation of Counterweight
A-12. Installation of KOMTRAX Antenna (if equipped)
A-13. Installation of Step Light
A-14. Air Bleeding of Travel Motor
A-15. Installation of Travel Piping Cover
A-16. Testing Track Shoe Tension
A-17. Check Fuel, Coolant and Oil Levels
A-18. Parts to be Touched up after Field Assembly

B. Assembling of Work Equipment of Backhoe
B- 1. Assembly of Arm Cylinder
B- 2. Connection of Arm Cylinder Hoses
B- 3. Installation of Boom Cylinder Foot
B- 4. Relieving Remaining Pressure from Hydraulic Circuit
B- 5. Installation of Boom Cylinder Hoses
B- 6. Installation of Boom Foot Dust Seal
B- 7. Assembly of Boom Assembly
B- 8. Hose Connection of Arm and Bucket Circuits
B- 9. Installation of Quick Return Hose
B-10. Installation of Boom Cylinder
B-11. Installation of Arm Assembly
B-12. Installation of Hose between Boom and Bucket Cylinder
B-13. Installation of Bucket Assembly
B-14. Lubrication Piping to Work Equipment
B-15. Wiring of Work Equipment
B-16. Greasing after Assembling Work Equipment
B-17. Air Bleeding from Hydraulic Cylinder

C. Assembling of Work Equipment of Loading Shovel
C- 1. Releasing residual pressure in hydraulic circuit
C- 2. Pulling out boom foot pin and boom cylinder foot pin
C- 3. Installation of boom and arm assembly
C- 4. Installation of flushing piping between chassis and boom
C- 5. Installation of flushing piping for boom cylinder and arm cylinder
C- 6. Installation of flushing piping for bucket cylinder
C- 7. Installation of flushing piping for bottom dump cylinder
C- 8. Installation of boom cylinder
C- 9. Installation of boom cylinder foot
C-10. Installation of boom cylinder hoses
C-11. Installation of boom cylinder rod pin
C-12. Installation of arm cylinder hoses
C-13. Installation of bucket cylinder
C-14. Installation of bucket cylinder hose
C-15. Installation of connecting hoses between chassis and boom top
C-16. Installation of bottom dump cylinder hoses
C-17. Installation of bucket assembly
C-18. Installation of working lamps
C-19. Installation of work equipment grease piping
C-20. Greasing after assembling of work equipment
C-21. Bleeding air from work equipment circuit

D. Assembling of Counterweight Remover
D- 1. Installation of Rubber Cushions
D- 2. Adjustment of Shims for Counterweight
D- 3. Greasing
D- 4. Installation of Counterweight Remover
D- 5. Installation of Covers
D- 6. Installation of Hoses
D- 7. Bleeding Air from Counterweight Remover Circuit
D- 8. Installation of Counterweight
D- 9. Installation of Accessories
D-10. Check of Operation

M. Procedure for Inspection and Maintenance after Completion of Assembly
M- 1. Inspection of Oil Level in Hydraulic Tank and Refill
M- 2. Replacement of Return Filter (Standard Filter to Flushing Filter)
M- 3. Flushing of Hydraulic Circuit
M- 4. Replacement of Return Filter (Flushing Filter to Standard Filter)
M- 5. Error Code

Field Assembly Inspection Report (Backhoe)
Field Assembly Inspection Report (Loading Shovel)


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