Komatsu FB13M-2R, FB15-2R, FB15M-2R, FB16-2R, FB16M-2R, FB18-2R, FB18M-2R, FB20-2R, FB20M-2R (Series 4032) Forklift Truck Workshop Literature - 40328042305-EN

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This workshop literature manual PDF Download for the Komatsu FB13M-2R, FB15-2R, FB15M-2R, FB16-2R, FB16M-2R, FB18-2R, FB18M-2R, FB20-2R, FB20M-2R (Series 4032) Forklift Truck has easy to read text sections with top quality diagrams, pictures and illustrations. The step by step instructions show you how to fault find or complete any repair or overhaul, correctly and efficiently, saving time and avoiding costly mistakes. All specifications and tolerances are listed. Functions of components and systems are also explained.


(Series 4032)

Komatsu FB13M-2R
Komatsu FB15-2R
Komatsu FB15M-2R
Komatsu FB16-2R
Komatsu FB16M-2R
Komatsu FB18-2R
Komatsu FB18M-2R
Komatsu FB20-2R
Komatsu FB20M-2R


General Information
Traction motor
Driver‘s seat
Steering system
Wheels and tyres
Braking system
Display elements
Electronic system
Hydraulic components
Wiring diagrams
Hydraulic diagrams


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This manual has been prepared as an aid to improve the quality of repairs by giving the serviceman an accurate understanding of the product and by showing him the correct way to perform repairs and make judgements. Make sure you understand the contents of this manual and use it to full effect at every opportunity. This is a must for the Do-It-Yourselfer! Saving Yourself $$$$$$ In Service Repair And Maintenance Costs !!!!

This manual PDF download contains specs, diagrams, actual real photo illustrations, and schemes. In addition to space savings, nice thing about having PDF files instead of a hard-printed manual is that you can use the Search feature in Acrobat to find just what your looking for and just print out the exact pages you need or all manual.


Table of contents
00 General Information
Product information
Instruction and maintenance manual
General Forklift Description
Definition of travel direction
Overall dimensions for three-wheel truck
Three-wheel truck technical data
Overall dimensions for four-wheel truck
Four-wheel truck technical data
Three-wheel truck tyre characteristics
Four-wheel truck tyre characteristics
Fork lift truck capacities - Model 1300 kg 3 wheels - with vertical masts and forks = 1400 mm max.
Fork lift truck capacities - Model 1500 kg 3 / 4 wheels - with vertical masts and forks = 1400 mm max.
Fork lift truck capacities - Model 1600 kg 3 / 4 wheels - with vertical masts and forks = 1400 mm max.
Fork lift truck capacities - Model 1800 kg 3 / 4 wheels - with vertical masts and forks = 1400 mm max.
Fork lift truck capacities - Model 2000 kg 3 / 4 wheels - with vertical masts and forks = 1400 mm max.
Alternative lift characteristics
Abbreviations key
Tyre inflation pressure
Battery dimensions and weights
Internal accessibility
Safety features
Transporting the Forklift
Forklift towing
Loading and unloading the truck
Safety precautions
Description of safety symbols
Operations Preliminary to Maintenance
To avoid accidents
General safety Regulations
Safety Regulations Relative to Operating Materials
01 Service
Preliminary operations before commissioning
Synoptic Table of Maintenance Operations
Supply Table
02 Diagnostics
Diagnostic software
Connection between the diagnostics PC and the forklift
Description of the menus in the WINPCCONSOLE software
Description of the PARAMETER menu
Description of the TESTER menu
TESTER / Diagnostics Function
Parameters of the DUAL AC module
Parameters of the AC2 FLASH module

Parameters of the ECO DISPLAY module
Parameterisation of the drive function
Parameterisation of the steering function
Parameterisation of the electric braking function
Parameterisation of the battery state monitoring function
Parameterisation of the lifting function
Parameterisation of the hydraulically assisted steering function
Parameterisation of the tilt, side shift (SLI) and 4th lever functions
State of the truck during an alarm situation

Alarms list
Analogue signals
Summary of signals from the analogue transducers
11 Traction motor
Asynchronous motors
Features of the asynchronous motors
Checking the asynchronous motors
Front axle motors
Traction motor technical data
Traction motor
Drive motor checks
Drive motor decomposition
Replacing the traction encoder
Electrical connections of the traction motors
Temperature sensor KTY84
Insulation testing of traction motor
22 Transmission
Front axle
Front axle technical data
Removal of front axle with traction motors
Front axle reassembly
Front axle reducer gearbox topography
Front axle reduction gear disassembly/reassembly
Removal / reassembly of the drive wheel reducer gearbox
Check reducer gearbox oil level
Reducer gearbox oil change
31 Truck
Counterweight removal
Counterweight reassembly
Cover topography
Side covers removal / reassembly
Battery cover removal / reassembly
Step plate removal / reassembly
Distributor cover removal / reassembly
Battery removal
34 Driver's seat
Overhead guard
Removal of the overhead guard
Reassembly of the overhead guard
Removal / reassembly of the steering column panelling
Removal / reassembly of the control panel panelling
42 Steering system
Steering distributor
Steering distributor technical data
Removal / reassembly of the steering distributor
Steering distributor pressure switch technical data
Replacing the steering distributor pressure switch
Steering column
Removal / reassembly of the steering column
Fifth-wheel steering axle
Three-wheel truck rear axle technical data
Three-wheel truck axle removal
Three-wheel truck axle reassembly
Three-wheel axle disassembly
Three-wheel truck potentiometer technical data
Replacement of the three-wheel steering axle potentiometer
Four-wheel truck axle technical data
Four-wheel axle removal
Four-wheel truck axle reassembly
Four-wheel axle disassembly
Four-wheel truck potentiometer technical data
Replacing the four-wheel truck potentiometer
Lubricating the steering axle
46 Wheels and tyres
General information
Safety regulations for wheels and rims
General information for changing tyres
Tyrewear check
Wheel change
Wheel change
Wheel decomposition
Disassembly/assembly of tyres on rims with movable flange
Quick tyres assembly/disassembly
Tightening torques
Check wheel nut tightness (every 10 hours during run-in)
49 Braking system
Parking brake
Removal / reassembly of the parking brake lever
Parking brake control cable replacement
Replacing the parking brake microswitch
Parking brake adjustment
Service brake
Service brake pedal removal
Service brake pedal reassembly
Stop lights microswitch replacement
Replacing the service brake pedal potentiometer
Braking group
Removing / installing the brake group
50 Controls
Accelerator pedal
Accelerator pedal
Accelerator pedal potentiometer
56 Display elements
Plate data
Multifunction panel
Setting the date and time
Speed reductions
Functionality of the display buttons
Data modification pushbutton functions
Multifunction panel removal / reassembly
60 Electronic system
Software versions
Reference software versions
Electronic traction system
Characteristics of the electronic drive system
Plate data: traction
Closing the general contactor
Thermal sensor operation
Hydraulic functions electronic system
Functions of the AC2 module
Plate data: pump
AC2 Connectors
Control of the general contactor
Lowering solenoid valve operation
Thermal sensor operation
Types of hours counters
Types of hour counters:
Hours counter management in case of electronic system replacement
Resetting the machine hours
Electrical system components
Electronics panel technical data
Electronics panel removal / reassembly
Protection of the electrical system
Emergency pushbutton
Replacing the emergency stop button
Assembly / disassembly of the lights switch (option)
Lamp replacement (if applicable)
Work light replacement procedure (optional)
Location of Fuses
Changing a fuse
DC/DC Converter
Encoder description
71 Hydraulic components
Hydraulic circuit
Layout of hydraulic parts
Hydraulic system assembly diagram
Pump motor
Pump motor technical data
Pump motor removal
Pump motor reassembly
Replacing the pump
Replacing the pump motor encoder
Replacing the pump motor temperature sensor
Oil tank
Hydraulic oil tank
Oil tank removal / reassembly
Check hydraulic tank oil level
Hydraulic distributor
Hydraulic distributor technical data
Hydraulic distributor removal / reassembly
Replacing the hydraulic distributor probe
Safety valve (load lowering block) (VBDC)
Safety valve layout
Tilt cylinders
Tilt cylinders
Tilt cylinder removal / reassembly
Air bleeding of the tilt cylinders
80 Lifts
Technical data for service
Lift typologies
Simplex Lift
Duplex Lift
Triplex Lift
Load chain locking device
Fork carriage retaining device
Assembly of the mast / carriage support rollers
Disassembly of the Simplex lift cylinder
Disassembly of the side cylinders of the Duplex lift
Disassembly of the side cylinders of the Triplex lift
Duplex / Triplex central cylinder
Limit stop dampers
Disassembly of the fork carriage
Tilt cylinder
Lift disconnection
Lift reassembly
Air bleeding of the lift cylinders
Lift cylinders
A Diagrams
Wiring diagrams
Electrical circuit diagram 40328020002
Electrical connection diagram 40328020001
Hydraulic diagrams
Hydraulic diagram 40328082502