Komatsu 6D95L Diesel Engine Parts Book

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This Illustrated Parts Catalog Manual contains exploded views of most components, showing location and relationship of Komatsu 6D95L Diesel Engine parts. With numbered pictures giving you great detail on assembly and disassembly. It also gives you a guide, with numbers, for ordering parts, and makes you seem much more informed when talking to the dealer.


Engine Serial No. 31753 and up

A-spec - All countries except Japan and USA
8-spec - Europe specification
C-spec - USA specification
J-spec - Japanese specification

Engine Type Code Machine Model Spec. Clutch Type
FD33S/35S/40S/45S-4 C-spec.
FD35Z/40Z-4 C-spec. TOROFLOW drive
FD35/40/45-4 C-spec. TOROFLOW drive
FD33N/35N-4 J-spec. Ory clutch
FD35/40/45-4 J-spec. Dry clutch
FD33N/35N-4 J-spec. TOROFLOW drive
FD35/40/45-4 J-spec. TOROFLOW drive
FD33N/35N-4 J-spec. Wet clutch
FD35/40/45-4 J-spec. Wet clutch
FD35Z/40Z-4 A-spec. Dry clutch
FD35/40/45-4 A-spec. Dry clutch
FD35Z/40Z-4 A-spec. TOROFLOW drive
FD35/40/45-4 A-spec. TORQF LOW drive
FD35/40/45-5 B-spec. TOROF LOW drive
FD36H/40H/46H-4 J-spec. TORQFLOW drive
FD35H/40H/45H-4 J-spec. Wet clutch
5023/25-3 TORQFLOW drivr
SD25P-3 - TORQFLOW drive
F050E/60E/70E-5 A-spec. TOROFLOW drive
FDS0/60/70-5 A-spec. TOROFLOW drive
FD50/60/70-5- J-spec. TORQFLOW drive
FDS0/60/70-5 C-spec. TOROFLOW drive


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