Komatsu 410 & 610 Series Engine 1991 Model Shop Manual - CEBD610SHO

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This complete service repair workshop manual PDF download for the Komatsu 410 & 610 Series Engine has easy to read text sections with top quality diagrams, pictures and illustrations. The step by step instructions show you how to fault find or complete any repair or overhaul, correctly and efficiently, saving time and avoiding costly mistakes. All specifications and tolerances are listed. Functions of components and systems are also explained.


Komatsu 410 & 610 Series Engine
1991 Model


- Introduction
- Engine Identification
- Engine Disassembly and Assembly
- Cylinder Block
- Cylinder Head
- Rocker Levers
- Cam Followers
- Fuel System
- Injectors and Fuel Lines
- Lubricating Oil System
- Cooling System
- Drive Units
- Air Intake System
- Exhaust System
- Air Equipment
- Electrical Equipment
- Engine Testing
- Instruments and Controls
- Mounting Adaptations
- Specifications
- Service Literature
- Index


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This service repair workshop manual PDF download has been prepared as an aid to improve the quality of repairs by giving the serviceman an accurate understanding of the product and by showing him the correct way to perform repairs and make judgements. Make sure you understand the contents of this manual and use it to full effect at every opportunity. This is a must for the Do-It-Yourselfer! Saving Yourself $$$$$$ In Service Repair And Maintenance Costs !!!!

This service repair workshop manual PDF download contains specs, diagrams, actual real photo illustrations, and schemes. In addition to space savings, nice thing about having completly searcheble PDF files instead of a hard-printed manual is that you can use the Search feature in your PDF reader software (Adobe Acrobat) to find just what your looking for and just print out the exact pages you need or all manual easily. This is the same Repair Service manual your local dealer will use when doing a repair.

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Table of Contents

Section i - Introduction
About the Manual
General Cleaning Instructions
Solvent and Acid Cleaning
Steam Cleaning
General Repair Instructions
General Safety Instructions
Generic Symbols
Glossary of Terms
How To Use This Manual
Group Contents
Metric Information
Table of Contents
Section E - Engine and Component Identification
Engine Diagram
Engine Identification
Engine Dataplate
Injection Pump Dataplate
Cooling System
Fuel System
General Engine Data
Intake Air and Exhaust System
Lubrication System
Lucas CAV DPA dataplate location.
Robert Bosch VE dataplate location.
Section 0 - Engine Disassembly and Assembly
Accessories - Installation
Accessories - Removal
Alternator - Installation
Alternator - Removal
Balancer - Installation
Balancer - Removal
Locking the Balancer
Measuring Backlash
Measuring the End Play
Removing the Balancer
Belt Tensioner - Installation
Belt Tensioner - Removal
Camshaft - Installation
Camshaft End Play - Measuring
Camshaft Gear Backlash - Measuring
Camshaft - Removal
Measuring Gear Lash
Crankshaft End Play - Measuring
Crankshaft - Installation
Crankshaft - Removal
Cylinder Block - Prepare for Assembly
Cylinder Block - Removing From the Rollover Stand
Cylinder Head - Installation
Cylinder Head - Removal
Cylinder Head - Tightening
Dipstick - Removal
Drive Belt - Installation
Drive Belt - Removal
Engine Assembly
Engine Disassembly
Engine Disassembly and Assembly
General Information
Engine Disassembly and Assembly - Service Tools
Engine Disassembly Check List
Engine Weight
Exhaust Manifold - Installation
Exhaust Manifold - Removal
Fan Hub - Installation
Fan Hub - Removal
Fan Pulley - Removal
Flywheel Housing - Installation
Flywheel Housing - Removal
Flywheel - Installation
Flywheel - Removal
Front Cover - Installation
Front Cover - Removal
Fuel Filter Head - Installation
Fuel Filter Head - Removal
Fuel Filter - Removal
Fuel Lines - Installation
Fuel Drain Manifold - Installation
High Pressure Fuel Lines - Installation
Injection Pump Supply Line - Installation
Injection Pump Vent Line - Installation
Fuel Lines - Removal
Fuel Drain Manifold - Removal
High Pressure Fuel Line - Removal
Low Pressure Fuel Lines - Removal
Fuel Transfer Pump - Installation
Fuel Transfer Pump - Removal
Gear Housing - Installation
Gear Housing - Removal
Injection Pump - Installation
Injection Pumps - Unlocking
Locked Timed Injection Pump - installation
Unlocked Bosch VE Injection Pump Installation
Unlocked CAV Injection Pump - Installation
Injection Pump - Removal (Rotary Type Pumps)
Drive Gear - Removal
Gear Lash - Check
Locking the Pump
Injector Nozzles - Installation
Injector Nozzles - Removal
Lifting Bracket Removal - Rear
Lube Pump - Installation
Lube Pump - Removal
Measuring Backlash
Manifold Cover - Installation
Manifold Cover - Removal
Aftercooler - Removal
Oil Cooler - Installation
Oil Cooler - Removal
Oil - Draining
Oil Filter - Installation
Oil Pan - Installation
Oil Pan Sealing Surfaces - Sealants
Oil Pan - Removal
Piston and Rod Assemblies - Installation
Piston and Rod Assemblies - Removal
Push Rods - Installation
Push Rods - Removal
Rear Seal Housing - Removal
Rear Seal - Installation
Rocker Levers - Installation
Rocker Levers - Removal
Rollover Stand - Engine Mounting
Rollover Stand - Engine Removal
Side Oil Fill - Installation
Side Oil Fill - Removal
Starter - Installation
Starter - Removal
Steam Cleaning The Engine
Suction Tube - Installation
Suction Tube - Removal
Tappet Cover - Installation
Tappet Cover - Removal
Thermostat - Installation
Thermostat - Removal
Timing Pin Housing - Removal
Timing Pin - Installation
Turbocharger Drain Tube - Removal
Turbocharger - Installation
Turbocharger - Removal
Valve Clearance - Adjustment
Valve Covers - Installation
Valve Covers - Removal
Valve Tappets - Installation
Valve Tappets - Removal
Vibration Damper/Crankshaft Pulley - Removal
Vibration Damper - Installation
Water Inlet Connection - Installation
Water Inlet Connection - Removal
Water Pump - Installation
Water Pump - Removal
Section 1 - Cylinder Block - Group 1
Balancer - Assembly
Balancer - Disassembly
Camshaft and Gear - Inspection
Camshaft Lobe Edge Deterioration (Breakdown)Criteria
Camshaft Lobe Pitting Reuse Criteria
Camshaft Bushing - Installation
Camshaft - Cleaning
Camshaft Expansion Plug - Installation
Camshaft Gear - Replacement
Camshaft Gear - Installation (Heated Gear Method)
Camshaft Gear - Installation (With Special Tool 3823589)
Camshaft Gear - Removal
Connecting Rod - Inspection
Crankshaft - Cleaning
Crankshaft Gear - Replacement
Crankshaft - Inspection
Cylinder Block - Cleaning
Cylinder Block - De-Glazing
Cylinder Block - Disassembly
Cylinder Block - Exploded View
Cylinder Block - General Information
Cylinder Block
Oil Seals
Vibration Damper
Cylinder Block Group Inspection Checklist
Cylinder Block - Inspection
Cylinder Block - Precheck Before Disassembly
Cylinder Block - Service Tools
Cylinder Block - Storing
Data Plate - Replacement
Dipstick Tube - Replacement
Expansion and Pipe Plug - Installation
Fuel Pump Stud - Replacement
Gear Housing and Timing Pin Assembly - Inspection
Gear Housing - Disassembly
Piston and Connecting Rod - Assembly
Piston and Connecting Rod - Disassembly
Piston Inspection
Piston, Pin and Connecting Rod - Cleaning
Piston Pin - Inspection
Piston Ring Gap - Checking
Piston Rings - Installation
Rod Bearing Clearance - Checking
Vibration Damper - Cleaning and Inspection
Section 2 - Cylinder Head - Group 2
Cup Plug Replacement
Cylinder Head - Assembly
Cylinder Head - Cleaning
Cylinder Head Combustion Face Inspection
Cylinder Head Cracks - Reuse Guidelines
Cylinder Head - Disassembly
Cylinder Head - Precheck Before Disassembly
Cylinder Head - Service Tools
Exploded View
General Information
Valve Guide Inspection
Valve - Inspection
Valve Seat Inspection
Valve Seats - Grinding
Calculating the Grinding Depth
Measuring the Valve Depth
Valve Spring Inspection
Valves - Grinding
Section 3 - Rocker Levers - Group 3
Rocker Lever Assembly - Exploded View
Rocker Lever Assembly - General Information
Rocker Lever - Inspection
Rocker Lever Pedestals - Inspection
Rocker Levers and Pedestals - Cleaning
Rocker Levers - Assembly
Rocker Levers - Disassembly
Section 4 - Tappets and Push - Group 04
Push Rods - Inspection
Tappets and Push Rods - Exploded View
Tappets and Push Rods - General Information
Valve Tappets - Inspection
Section 5 - Fuel System - Group 05
Exploded View - Fuel System
Injection Pump - General Information
Injection Pump - Identification
Injection Pump Repairs - Bosch VE
Delivery Valve Holder/Sealing Washer - Replacement
Fuel Inlet Adapter/Seal - Replacement
Overflow Adapter/Sealing Ring - Replacement
Shaft Seal - Replacement
Shutdown Lever/Spring - Replacement
Shutdown Solenoid - Replacement
Injection Pump Repairs - Lucas CAV DPA
Automatic Timing Advance - Disassembly
Back Leakage Valve - Replacement/Inspection
Bleed Screws/Sealing Washers - Replacement
Control Lever - Replacement
Fuel Inlet Fitting/Sealing Washer - Replacement
Locking Screw/O-Ring - Replacement
Shutdown Lever/Spring - Replacement
Shutdown Solenoid - Replacement
Timing Advance - Assembly
Timing Advance Components - Inspection
Vent Fitting/Sealing Washer - Inspection/Replacement
Injection Pump - Service Tools
Injection Pump Timing - Bosch VE
Section 6 - Injectors - Group 06
Exploded View - Fuel System
Fuel Lines - Clean and Inspect
Fuel Drain Manifold
High Pressure Fuel Lines
Low Pressure Fuel Lines
Fuel Transfer Pump - Cleaning and Inspecting
Fuel Transfer Pump - General Information
Fuel Transfer Pump - Identification
Fuel Transfer Pump - Piston Style Rebuild
General Information - Injectors
Injector - Assembly
Injector - Clean and Inspect
Injector - Disassembly
Injector Pump - Service Tools
Injector - Testing
Chatter Test
Section 7 - Lubrication Oil System - Group 7
Filter Bypass Valve - Replace
General Information - Lubrication System
Oil Cooler Core
Lubricating Oil Cooler - Exploded View
Lubricating Oil Pump - Exploded View
Lubrication Oil Pump - General Information
Oil Cooler - Cleaning
Oil Cooler - Inspection
Oil Pan and Suction Tube - Cleaning and Inspection
Oil Pan and Suction Tube - Exploded View
Oil Pan and Suction Tube - General Information
Oil Pump - Inspection
Pressure Regulator Valve - Assembly
Pressure Regulator Valve - Disassembly
Pressure Regulator Valve - Inspection
Section 8 - Cooling System - Group 8
Belt Tensioner and Fan Hub - Exploded View
Belt Tensioner and Fan Hub - General Information
Belt Tensioner
Belt Tensioner - Inspection
Fan Hub Assembly
Fan Hub - Disassembly
Fan Hub - Inspection
Thermostat Housing Assembly - Exploded View
Thermostat Housing Assembly - General Information
Thermostat - Inspection
Water Pump - Exploded View
Water Pump - General Information
Water Pump - Inspection
Section 9 - Drive Units - Group 9
Accessory Drive Adapter - Exploded View
Accessory Drive Adaptor - Assembly
Accessory Drive Adaptor - Disassembly
Accessory Drive - Cleaning
Accessory Drive - Inspection
Drive Units - General Information
Accessory Drive Adapter
Section 10 - Air Intake System - Group 10
Aftercooler - Inspection
Air Intake System - Exploded View
Air Intake System - General Information
Turbocharger - Cleaning and Inspection for Reuse
Section 11 - Exhaust System - Group 11
Exhaust Manifold - Exploded View
Exhaust Manifold Inspection
General Information
Exhaust Manifold
Turbocharger Mounting Stud Replacement
Section 12 - Air Equipment - Group 12
Section 13 - Electrical Equipment - Group 13
Section 14 - Engine Testing - Group 14
Blowby Measurement
Blowby Conversion Chart (5.613 mm [0.221 in] Orifice)
Engine Dynamometer Test - Engine Run-In
Engine Dynamometer Test - Installation of the Engine
Engine Dynamometer Test - Performance Checking
Engine - Painting
Engine Run-In Procedure “In Chassis”
Engine Storage - Long Term
Removing the Engine from Long-Term Storage
Engine Storage - Short Term
Removing the Engine from Short-Term Storage
Engine Testing - Engine Side Views
Engine Testing - General Information
General Engine Test Specifications
Engine Testing - Service Tools
Section 16 Mounting Adaptions - Group 16
Flywheel and Ring Gear Inspection
Flywheel Housing Assembly
Flywheel Housing Inspection
Front Support - Cleaning and Inspection
General Information
Flywheel and Ring Gear
Flywheel Housing
Front Support
Ring Gear Replacement
Wet Clutch Application
Section V - Engine Component Specifications - Group 18
Capscrew Markings and Torque Values
Component Specifications and Torque Values
Air Intake System
Combustion Air System
Compressed Air System Torque Values
Cylinder Block - Rebuild Specifications
Cylinder Block - Torque Values
Cylinder Head - Rebuild Specifications
Cylinder Head - Torque Values
Electrical System
Engine Assembly - Capscrew Torque Values
Engine Assembly - Specifications
Engine Testing - Test Specifications
Fan Hub - Specifications
Fuel System
Lubricating Oil System - Specifications
Rocker Levers and Pedestals
Tappet and Push Rods
Thermostat, Coolant Operating Temperature
Drive Belt Tension
Engine Component Torque Values
Newton-Meter to Foot-Pound Conversion Chart
Capscrew Markings and Torque Values - U.S. Customary
Pipe Plug Torque Values
Specifications - General Information
Tap-Drill - U.S. Customary & Metric
Weight and Measures - Conversion Factors
Section L - Service Literature