JCB Vibromax VM 1500 M/F Trench Roller Service Manual - 9803/9940-3

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(S/N: 1601990 Onwards)
This workshop repair service manual PDF download for the VM 1500 M, VM 1500 F JCB Vibromax Trench Roller / Ground Compactor / Compaction Roller has been prepared as an aid to improve the quality of repairs by giving the serviceman an accurate understanding of the product and by showing him the correct way to perform repairs and make judgements. Make sure you understand the contents of this manual and use it to fully at every opportunity.


JCB Vibromax High Impact Compactor

JCB VM 1500 M - From S/N: 1601990
JCB VM 1500 F - From S/N: 1601990


Section 1 - General Information
Section 2 - Care & Safety
Section 3 - Maintenance
Section B - Body & Framework
Section C - Electrics
Section E - Hydraulics
Section G - Brakes
Section K - Engine
Section L - Vibration


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This JCB Vibromax service manual / repair manual / workshop manual PDF download contains specs, diagrams, actual real photo illustrations, and schemes. In addition to space savings, nice thing about having completly searcheble PDF files instead of a hard-printed manual is that you can use the Search feature in your PDF reader software (Adobe Acrobat) to find just what your looking for and just print out the exact pages you need or all manual easily. This is the same manual your local dealer will use when doing a repair. This is a must for the Do-It-Yourselfer! Saving Yourself $$$$$$ In Service Repair And Maintenance Costs !!!!

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Section 1 - General Information
About This Manual
Machine Model and Serial Number
Using the Service Manual
Section Numbering
Units of Measurement
Left Side, Right Side
Using the Machine
Cross References
Identifying Your Machine
Machine Identification Plate
Engine Identification Number
Torque Settings
Zinc Plated Fasteners and Dacromet Fasteners
Bolts and Screws
Vibromax Specific Torque Settings
Hydraulic Connections
'O' Ring Face Seal System
'Torque Stop' Hose System
Service Tools
Numerical List
Tool Detail Reference
Section C - Electrics
Section E - Hydraulics
Service Consumables
Sealing and Retaining Compounds
Terms and Definitions
Colour Coding
Hydraulic Schematic Colour Codes

Section 2 - Care & Safety
Safety Notices
Important Information
The Operator Manual
Safety Warnings
Safety Check List
Safety - Yours and Others
General Safety
Operating Safety
Maintenance Safety

Section 3 - Maintenance
Routine Maintenance
Service Requirements
Owner/Operator Support
Service/Maintenance Agreements
Obtaining Replacement Parts
Health and Safety
Service Schedules
How to Use the Service Schedules
Pre-start Cold Checks, Service Points and Fluid Levels
Functional Test and Final Inspection
Fluids, Lubricants and Capacities
Cleaning the Machine
Checking for Damage
Checking the Oil Level
Changing the Oil and Filter
Cleaning the Fuel System
Replacing the Fuel Filters
Checking the Cooling System
Changing the Coolant
Changing the Air Filter Element
Cleaning the Air Filter Element
Jump Starting
Hydraulic System
Checking the Hydraulic Fluid Level
Changing the Hydraulic Fluid
Vibration System
Checking the Vibration Fluid Level
Changing the Vibration Fluid

Section B - Body & Framework
Main Components
Upper and Lower Frames
Access Covers
Service Procedures
Check Strap Removal, Replacement and Adjustment
Rivet Nuts
Fitting Procedure

Section C - Electrics
Technical Data
Electrical System
Remote Control
Fuses and Relays
Electrical System
Electrical Safety
Electrical Schematics
Understanding Electrical Schematics
Vibromax Relays
Manual Control Machines
Remote Control Machines
Description and Operation
Remote Control System
VM 1500 F
Remote Control Operation
Transmitter (Remote Control Machines Only)
Fault Finding
Harness Data
Engine and Machine Harness
Remote Receiver Harness
Instrument Panel Harness - Without Remote Control
Instrument Panel Harness - With Remote Control
Joystick Harness - With Remote Control
Service Procedures
Using a Multimeter
Measuring DC Voltage
Measuring Resistance
Measuring Continuity
Measuring Frequency
Testing a Diode or a Diode Wire
First Aid - Electrolyte
Specific Gravity Testing
Battery Charging System Precautions
Battery Disconnection/Connection
General Description
Service Precautions
Charging Circuit Test
Alternator Charging Test
Starter Motor
Starting Circuit Test
Wiring Harness Repair
Repair Procedure

Section E - Hydraulics
Technical Data
Main Components
System Pressures
General Specifications
Circuit Diagrams
Introduction to Hydraulic Schematic Symbols
General (Basic and Functional Symbols)
Control Valves
Example of Schematic Circuit
Manual Control - VM 1500 M
Remote Control - VM 1500 F
Hydraulic Circuit Operation (Manual Control)
Hydraulic Circuits
Suction Line
Propulsion and Braking System
Vibration System
High Speed Travel Function
Leakage System
Hydraulic Circuit Operation (Remote Control)
Hydraulic Circuits
Suction Line Description
Propulsion and Braking System Description
Vibration System Description
High Speed Travel Function Description
Leakage System Description
Fault Finding
Maintenance Safety
Hydraulic System
Drive System
Hydraulic Travel System Fault Diagnosis Tables
Vibration System Fault Diagnosis Table
Service Procedures
Hydraulic Contamination
Hydraulic Fluid Quality
Effects of Contamination
Cleaning Operation
Contaminant Standards
Venting Hydraulic Pressure
‘Positional Type’ Hydraulic Adaptors
Fitting Procedure
Removing and Replacing Components
Hydraulic Pressure Testing
Pressure Testing Points - VM 1500 M (Manual)

Section G - Brakes

Section K - Engine
Technical Data
Engine RPM Settings
Engine Fastener Torque Data
Kubota Engine
Fault Finding

Section L - Vibration
Technical Data
Vibration System
Basic System Operation
Vibration System
Component Identification
Operation Overview
Test Procedures
Vibration System
Vibration System Performance
Vibrator Assembly