JCB AMS JS Machines Service Manual Supplement - 9803/6450-3

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This workshop repair service manual supplement PDF download for the JS Machines JCB AMS (Advanced Management System) has been prepared as an aid to improve the quality of repairs by giving the serviceman an accurate understanding of the product and by showing him the correct way to perform repairs and make judgements. Make sure you understand the contents of this manual and use it to fully at every opportunity.


This manual is a supplement to the following JS XO Machine Service Manuals:







General Information

Electrical Schematics
Cab Controls and Layout
System Overview
Functional Description
Electrical Schematic Contents
Service Tool Applications


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P/N : 9803/6450 Issue 3
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This JCB Hydraulic Excavator service manual / repair manual / workshop manual PDF download contains specs, diagrams, actual real photo illustrations, and schemes. In addition to space savings, nice thing about having completly searcheble PDF files instead of a hard-printed manual is that you can use the Search feature in your PDF reader software (Adobe Acrobat) to find just what your looking for and just print out the exact pages you need or all manual easily. This is the same manual your local dealer will use when doing a repair. This is a must for the Do-It-Yourselfer! Saving Yourself $$$$$$ In Service Repair And Maintenance Costs !!!!

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General Information
Care and Safety

Electrical Schematics
Component Index (all machines)
Schematic Diagram JS130-260
Schematic Diagram JS330/460
Schematic Diagram JS130W/145W/160W/175W
Schematic Diagram JS200W
Cab Controls and Layout
Cab Layout JS130 - 330
Cab Layout JS130W/145W/160W/175W
Cab Layout JS200W
Operation of Cab Controls
System Overview
A.M.S (Advanced Management System)
Circuit Concepts
Throttle Control System

Functional Description
Circuit Symbols
1. Engine Throttle Control
2. Engine Throttle Control for Each Mode
3. Engine Reverse Rotation Prevention
4. Engine Pre Heat (Glow Plugs)
5. Engine Automatic Warm Up
6. Engine Automatic Idle
7. Engine One Touch Idle
8. Engine Stop Solenoid / Emergency Stop
9. Limp Mode System
10. Pump Control for Each Mode
11. Lever Lock
12. Servo Isolator (Tracked Machines)
13. Servo Isolator (Wheeled Machines)
14. Wiper (Tracked Machines)
15. Wiper (Wheeled Machines)
16. Washer (Tracked Machines)
17. Washer (Addition for Wheeled Versions)
18. Horn
19. Travel Alarm
20. Pressure Raising / Power Boost
21. Soft/Hard (Cushion) Tracked machines only
22. Soft/Hard (Cushion) Wheeled machines only (not JS200W)
23. Boom Down Delay (Not 200W)
24. Boom Lowering Speed Regulation
25. Slew/Boom Priority (High Dump) (330/460, Opt. All)
26. Slew/Boom Priority (High Dump) (JS200W only)
27. Swing Brake
28. Swing Lock (100% Swing Brake)
29. 3-Speed Travel (Tracked Machines only)
30. 3-Speed Travel (Wheeled Machines Only except 200W)
31. 3-Speed Travel (JS200W)
32. Work Lights - Options
33. Work Lights (Boom & Cab) (Wheeled Versions Only)
34. Side Lights (Wheeled Versions only)
35. Head Lights (Wheeled Machines only)
36. Fog Lights (Wheeled Machines only)
37. Indicators (Wheeled Machines only)
38. Hazard Warning (Wheeled Machines only)
39. Brake Lights (Wheeled Machines only)
40. Reversing Lights (Wheeled Machines only)
41. Park Brake (Wheeled Machines only)
42. Axle Lock Manual (Wheeled Machines only)
43. Axle Lock Automatic (with Brakes) (Wheeled Machines only)
44. Stabilisers (Wheeled machines only)
45. Dig end Isolate (JS130W/145W/160W/175W for Italy/Germany & JS200W)
46. Fuel Level Sensor/Warning
47. Engine Temperature Sensor/Warning
48. Coolant Level Warning
49. Hydraulic Temperature Sensor/Warning
50. Hydraulic Oil Level Warning
51. Air Filter Blocked Warning
52. Oil Filter Blocked Warning
53. Air Pressure Warning (JS330/460 Only)
54. Brake Pressure Warning (Wheeled Machines only)
55. Engine Oil Pressure / Emergency Steering Warning
56. Alternator / No Charge Warning
57. Service Required Warning
58. Quick Hitch (Option)
59. Dozer (Option tracked, std wheeled)
60. Overload Caution (option)
61. Beacon (option)
62. Lower Wiper (option)
63. Grab/rotate (option)
64. Hammer (Breaker) (all tracked machines)
65. Hammer (Breaker) (JS130W/145W/160W/175W)
66. Hammer/Auxiliary Combined (JS130W/145W/160W/175W)
67. Hammer (Breaker) (JS200W)
68. Scrap Magnet Option
69. EMS Set Menu
70. EMS Set + Mode (5 sec) Menu
71. EMS Set + Mode (20 sec) Menu

Electrical Schematic Contents
Component Identification
Mating Face Connector Views
1. Alternator Charging and Battery Relay
2. ECU 1 / EMS / FASCIA Power Supply and Network
3. ECU 1 Supply to Output Drivers
4. ECUH / LH Switch Panel Power Supply and Network
5. ECUW Supply to Output Drivers (Wheeled Machines)
6. Limp Mode System
7. Engine Throttle Control
8. Engine Auto Idle and One Touch Idle
9. Engine Start/Stop
10. Engine Start/Stop (JS330 and JS460 only)
11. Engine Pre-Heat
12. Engine Pre-Heat (JS460)
13. Pump Control
14A. Lever Lock and Isolator (Tracked machines)
14B. Lever Lock and Isolator (Wheeled machines)
15. Wiper (Tracked Machines)
16. Wiper (Wheeled Machines)
17A. Washer (Tracked Machines)
17B. Washer (Wheeled Machines)
18. Horn
19. Travel Alarm
20. Pressure Raising/Power Boost
21A. Cushion (Tracked Machines)
21B. Cushion (Wheeled Machines)
22. Boom Down Delay
23. Boom Lowering Speed Regulation
24. Boom Priority (High Dump)
25. Swing Brake
26. Swing Lock
27. 3 Speed Travel (Tracked Machines)
27A. 3 Speed Travel (Wheeled Machines except JS200W)
27B. 3 Speed Travel (JS200W)
28. Work Lamps
29. Side Lights (Wheeled Machines)
30. Headlights (Wheeled Machines)
31. Fog Lights (Wheeled Machines)
32. Indicators (Wheeled Machines)
33. Hazard Warning Lights (Wheeled machines)
34. Park Brake (Wheeled machines)
35. Axle Lock (Wheeled machines)
36. Stabilizers (Wheeled machines)
37. Dig End Isolate (wheeled machines)
38. Fuel Sensor
39. Engine Temperature
40. Hydraulic Temperature
41. Quickhitch
42. Dozer (optional)
43. Overload Caution
44. Beacon
45. Low Flow (Grab Rotate/Weedcutter)
46. Hammer (Tracked Machines)
47. Hammer / Auxiliary Combined (Tracked Machines)
48. Hammer / Auxiliary Combined and Merged (Tracked machines)
49. Hammer (Wheeled Machines)
50. Hammer Auxiliary (JS200W Monoboom)
51. Hammer (JS200W TAB)
52. Hammer Auxiliary (JS200W TAB)
53. Hammer Auxiliary Combined and Merged pump flow (JS330)
54A. Warning Indicator Lamps
54B. Warning Indicator Lamps (Wheeled Machine additions)
55. Heater
56. Air Conditioning
57. Refuelling Pump
58. Radio
59. Cigar Lighter
60. Cab Interior Lamp
61. Brake Lights (Wheeled Machines)
62. Drive Isolator (Wheeled Machines)
63. Reverse Lights (Wheeled Machines)
64. Hammer Auxiliary (JS460 Combined and Merged Pumps)

Service Tool Applications
JCB Service Master
HPSetup Overview
Using HPSetup
Guidelines for Setting up a Vehicle Using the Set Up Tool
Data Link Adaptor
DLA Trouble Shooting
Using MLedit
Open Program File
Loading Language Files
Program Files
Using HPDataLogs
Database Selection Criteria
TAB Box Options
HP Control Monitoring
Downloading the Running Data
Exporting Data
Printing Reports
User Input
Service History
Using HP Service
Load Service History
Import Service History
Export Service History
Printing Service History
Delete Service History
Add Service History Record
Flash Programming Application
Introduction to the Diagnostics Tool
Connecting to the Vehicle
Starting Diagnostic Mode
Circuit Diagrams
Indicator Lights (LEDs)
Stopping Diagnostic Mode
Language Setting

Appendix No.1 List of Text Messages Displayed on the EMS
Table 1: Error Messages
Table 2: Status Messages
Table 3: Set Menu Messages
Table 4: Set + Mode (5 sec) Menu Messages
Table 5: Set + Mode (20 sec) Menu Messages
Table 6: Electrical Fault Error Codes
Appendix No.2 l/o Assignment
Table 1: LHC Connection List
Table 2: FSP Connection List
Table 3: EMS Connection List
Table 4: ECU1 Connection List
Table 5: ECUW Connection List
Appendix No.3 Hammer Programming
Appendix No.4 Fault Finding without using the JCB Service Master Diagnostic Tool