JCB 714, 718 Articulated Dump Truck Repair Service Manual - 9803/7160-3

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714 (S/N: 0830000 Onwards) - 718 (S/N: 0832000 Onwards) 
This workshop repair service manual PDF download for the 714 & 718 JCB Articulated Dump Truck has been prepared as an aid to improve the quality of repairs by giving the serviceman an accurate understanding of the product and by showing him the correct way to perform repairs and make judgements. Make sure you understand the contents of this manual and use it to fully at every opportunity.


JCB Articulated Dump Truck 714 & 718
JCB Articulated Dump Truck 714 - S/N: 0830000 Onwards
JCB Articulated Dump Truck 718 - S/N: 0832000 Onwards


General Information
Care & Safety
Routine Maintenance
Optional Equipment
Body & Framework


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P/N : 9803/7160 Issue 3
Total Pages : 383

This service manual / repair manual / workshop manual PDF download contains specs, diagrams, actual real photo illustrations, and schemes. In addition to space savings, nice thing about having completly searcheble PDF files instead of a hard-printed manual is that you can use the Search feature in your PDF reader software (Adobe Acrobat) to find just what your looking for and just print out the exact pages you need or all manual easily. This is the same manual your local dealer will use when doing a repair. This is a must for the Do-It-Yourselfer! Saving Yourself $$$$$$ In Service Repair And Maintenance Costs !!!!

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General Information
Vehicle Identification Plate
Explanation of the Vehicle Identification Number
Unit Identification
Torque Settings
Service Tools
Numerical List
Body and Framework
Sealing and Retaining Compounds
Towing - General
Connecting/Disconnecting Hydraulic Hoses
Hydraulic Contamination

Care and Safety
Safety Notices
General Safety
Operating Safety
Maintenance Safety
Safety Decals

Routine Maintenance
Lubricants - Health and Safety
Waste Disposal
First Aid - Oil
General Safety
Service Schedules
10 Hours - Daily Checks
100 Hours - First Service
100 Hours
500 Hours or Six Monthly
1000 Hours or Yearly
2000 Hours or Two Yearly
Tipper Body Safety Support
Fitting the Tipper Body Safety Strut (Early Machines)
Stowing the Tipper Body Safety Strut (Early Machines)
Fitting and Stowing the Tipper Body Safety Stay (Later Machines)
Articulation Lock
Installing the Articulation Lock
Stowing the Articulation Lock
ROPS/FOPS Structure
Checking the ROPS/FOPS Structure
Engine Cover
Opening the Engine Cover
Closing the Engine Cover
Tipper Body Rams and Body Pivot Points
Centre Pivot and Steering Rams
Centre Bearing Carrier
Hydraulic Suspension Cylinder
Propshaft Centre Bearing
Checking the Oil Level
Draining and Refilling the Oil
Checking for Damage
Cleaning the Machine
Checking the Seat Belt Security and Condition
Cab Heater Filter
Cleaning the Intake Filter
Engine Air Filter
Changing the Elements
Engine Oil and Filter
Checking the Oil Level
Changing the Engine Oil and Filter
Engine Cooling System
Checking the Coolant Level
Coolant Mixture
Anti-corrosion Additives
Draining and Refilling the Coolant
Engine Drive Belt
Check the Engine Drive Belt
Air Conditioning Compressor Drive Belt (if Fitted)
Adjusting the Compressor Belt
Fuel System
Types of Fuel
Fuel Standards
Low Temperature Fuels
Filling the Tank
Draining the Fuel Filter
Changing the Fuel Filter Element
Draining the Sedimenter Bowl
Cleaning the Sedimenter Bowl
Priming the Fuel System
Checking the Transmission Oil Level
Changing the Transmission Oil and Filter
Front and Rear Axles
Checking the Differential Oil Level
Draining and Refilling the Differential Oil
Checking the Hub Oil Level
Draining and Refilling the Hub Oil
Parking Brake
Adjusting the Parking Brake
Checking the Parking Brake
Test the Parking Brake
Hydraulic System
Checking the Hydraulic Fluid Level
Hydraulic Tank Cap
Changing the Hydraulic Filter Element
Warning Symbols
First Aid - Electrolyte
Checking the Electrolyte Level
Windscreen Washer
Fill the Windscreen Washer Bottle
Tyres and Wheels
Inflating the Tyres
Checking the Wheel Nut Torque
Fluids, Capacities and Lubricants
ADT 714 Machine
ADT 718 Machine

Body and Framework
Direct Glazing
ROPS/FOPS Structure Checking
Centre Pivot
Seperating the Front and Rear Chassis
Centre Casting - Removal and Replacement
Rivet Nuts
Fitting Procedure
Tipper Body
Tipper Body Removal and Replacement
Air Conditioning/Heater System - ADT Series Machines
System Operation
System Protection Devices
Operator Controls
Safety Procedures
Refrigerant Type
Hoses and Pipes
Leak Testing
Fault Finding
Component Removal and Replacement
Operator Control Switches
Thermostat Switch
Blower Motor
Electrical Circuit Description
Electrical Circuit Testing - General
Pressure Switch Testing

Technical Data
Relays - ADT 714 Machine
Relays - ADT 718 Machine
Test Methods
Using a Multimeter
Measuring DC Voltage
Measuring Resistance
Measuring Continuity
Testing a Diode or a Diode Wire
Measuring Frequency
Warning Symbols
Testing - Specific Gravity
Battery Testing
Service Precautions
Charging Test
Removal and Replacement
Starter Motor
No Load Test
Removal and Replacement
Fault Finding
Circuit Diagrams
Circuit Diagram - ADT 718 Machine Only
Harness and Wire Number Identification
Explanation of Wire/Harness Numbers
Fault Finding
Introduction to Fault Finding Techniques
Fuses and Relays
Accessing the Fuse Locations
Accessing the Relay Locations
Display Panel
Ignition On & Pre-Start Mode
Setting Up & Start Inhibit
Warning Lights
Visual Warnings & Message
Automatic Engine Shut Down
Segmented Displays
Indications (Engine Off) & Engine Running)
Warning Light Test (Daily)

Technical Data
General Description
Schematic Circuits
Introduction to Hydraulic Schematic Symbols
Hydraulic Circuit Component Key
Hydraulic Suspension Circuit - ADT 718 Machine Only
Hydraulic Suspension Circuit Component Key - ADT 718 Machine Only
Hydraulic Pump
Pump Operation
Hydraulic Pump - Removal and Replacement
Servo Joystick
Removal and Replacement
Dismantling and Assembly
Control Valve
Control Valve - Operation
Control Valve - Removal and Replacement
Control Valve - Dismantling and Assembly
Servo Operated control Valves
Removal and Replacement
Dismantling and Assembly
Overcentre Valve
Body Lift Ram
Lift Rams - Removal and Replacement
Lift Rams - Dismantling and Assembly
JCB Ram Sealing Procedure
Pressure Testing
Main Relief Valve Pressure Testing
Setting the Main Relief Valve
Steering Stand -by Pressure Testing
Steer Relief Valve Pressure Testing
Fault Finding

Technical Data
Powershift Transmission WG160
Main Components
Oil Circulation Schematic
Power Flow - Forward Speeds
Power Flow - Reverse Speeds
Test Points and Connections
Electro-Hydraulic Shift Control
Seperate Hydraulic Control Unit (HSG-90) and Duct Plate From Gearbox
Hydraulic Pump
Convertor Back Pressure Valve
Remove Output Shaft, Input Shaft and Clutches
Clutches KV and KR
Clutches K1, K2 and K3
Clutch K4
Drive Shaft
Install Oil Tubes
Install Studs, Plugs and Sealing Covers
Clutches KV and KR
Clutches K1, K2 and K3
Clutches K4
Drive Shaft
Pre-assembly and Installation - Output Shaft
Install Pre-assembled Drive Shaft and Clutches
Install Pump Shaft
Install Oil Seal Covers
Install Output Flanges
Installation - Converter BAck Pressure Valve
Installation - Oil Feed Housing/Transmission Pump
Installation - Torque Converter
Installation - Duct Plate and Hydraulic Control Unit
Installation - Plugs and Oil Level Tube
Installation - Speed Sensor and Inductive Transmitters
Hydraulic Control Unit
Fitting the Inductive Transmitter
Functional Testing
Error Codes
Display Panel
Ignition On
Pre-start Mode
Setting Up
Start Inhibit
Warning Lights
Visual Warning and Message
Automatic Engine Shutdown
Segmented Displays
Indications (Engine off)
Indications (Engine Running)
Warning Light Test (Daily)
Removal and Replacement - ADT 714 Machine Only
Hub and Drive Shaft
Limited Slip Differential Unit
Overhauling the Pinion Bearing Support
Pinion Depth - ADT 714 Machine Only
Pinion Depth - ADT 718 Machine Only
Crown Wheel and Pinion Adjustment
Front Axle - ADT 718 Only
Removal and Replacement
Propshafts - Removal and Replacement

Technical Data
Parking Brake
Parking Brake - Removal and Replacement
Adjusting the Parking Brake
Checking the Parking Brake Pads
Replacing the Parking Brake Pads
Bleeding the Parking Brake
Parking Brake - Dismantling and Assembly
Service Brake Circuits, Valves and Pedals
Service Brake Circuit Description
Service Brake Valve Removal and Replacement
Brake Valve Setting
Service Brake Valve - Dismantling and Assembly
Service Brake System Testing
Accumulator Charge Valve - Removal and Replacement
Accumulator Charge Valve - Dismantling and Assembly
Service Brakes - Checking the Brake Pad Wear
Service Brakes - Renewing the Brake Pads
Bleeding the Service Brakes
Service Brakes - Removal and Replacement

Hydraulic Steering
Technical Data
General Description
Steering Valve - Operation
Emergency Steering Operation
Hydraulic Steering Unit
Hydraulic Steering Unit - Removal and Replacement
Hydraulic Steering Unit - Dismantling
Hydraulic Steering Unit - Inspecting
Hydraulic Steering Unit - Assembly
Emergency Steering Pump
Removal and Replacement
Dismantling and Assembly
Steering Rams
Removal and Replacement
Dismantling and Assembly
Emergency Steering Valve
Removal and Replacement
Dismantling and Assembly

Technical Data
ADT 714 Machine
ADT 718 Machine

Hydraulic Suspension
Technical Data
Hose and Pipework Layout
Deactivating the Hydraulic Suspension
Deactivating and Activating
Suspension Rams
Removal and Replacement
Dismantling and Assembly
Control Arms and Panhard Rod
Removal and Replacement
Bump Stops
Removal and Replacement
Main Suspension Valve
Removal and Replacement
Suspension Control Valves and Accumulators
Removal and Replacement
Self Levelling Sensor Switch
Removal and Replacement
Suspension Set-up
Setting up the Suspension Ride Height
Checking the Suspension Geometry
Fault Finding