Fiat Kobelco EX135 Excavator & Engine Workshop Manual, Technical Operational Principle & Troubleshooting Manual

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This complete service repair workshop manual PDF download for the Fiat Kobelco EX135 Excavator has easy to read text sections with top quality diagrams, pictures and illustrations. The step by step instructions show you how to fault find or complete any repair or overhaul, correctly and efficiently, saving time and avoiding costly mistakes. All specifications and tolerances are listed. Functions of components and systems are also explained.


• The complete service manual consists of four books:
- Technical Manual - Operational Principle
- Technical Manual - Troubleshooting
- Excavator Workshop Manual
- Engine Workshop Manual

- The Technical Manual (Operational Principle) includes the technical information concerning the operation of main devices and systems.
- The Technical Manual (Troubleshooting) includes the technical information needed for operational performance tests, and troubleshooting procedures.
- The Excavator and the Engine Workshop Manuals include information needed for maintenance and repair of the machine, tools and devices needed for maintenance and repair, maintenance standards, removal/installation and assembly/disassembly procedures.

• The Service Manual for EX135 Excavator consists of the following book/print numbers:
- Technical Manual - Operational Principle - 604.13.141
- Technical Manual - Troubleshooting - 604.13.146
- Workshop Manual - Excavator - 604.13.151
- Workshop Manual - Engine - 604.13.136


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This service repair workshop manual PDF download contains specs, diagrams, actual real photo illustrations, and schemes. In addition to space savings, nice thing about having completly searcheble PDF files instead of a hard-printed manual is that you can use the Search feature in your PDF reader software (Adobe Acrobat) to find just what your looking for and just print out the exact pages you need or all manual easily. This is the same Repair Service manual your local dealer will use when doing a repair.




Section 1 - GENERAL
Group 1 - Specification
Excavator Dimensions
Excavator performance
Engine accessory
Hydraulic Device
Electrical Equipment
Group 2 - Components layout

Section 2 - SYSTEM
Group 1 - Control system
Engine control
Valve control
Other control function
Group 2 - Hydraulic system
Main circuit
Pilot circuit
Neutral circuit
Single actuator operation
Combined operation
Group 3 - Electrical system
Electric power circuit
Bulb check circuit
Intake air heater circuit
Starting circuit
Charging circuit
Surge voltage prevention circuit
Accessory circuit
Engine stop circuit
Engine emergency stop

Group 1 - Pump device
Main pump
Pilot pump
Pump delivery pressure sensor
Group 2 - Swing device
Swing motor
Brake valve
Swing parking brake
Swing reduction gear
Group 3 - Control valve
Hydraulic circuit
Flow combiner valve
Pump control valve
Main relief valve
Overload relief valve
Arm regenerative valve
Boom anti-drift valve, arm anti-drift valve
Bucket flow control valve
Travel flow control valve
Travel/boom lower selector valve
Boom regenerative valve
Group 4 - Pilot valve
Group 5 - Travel device
Travel reduction gear
Travel motor
Travel brake valve
Parking brake
Group 6 - Others components (Upperstructure)
Pilot shut-off valve
Shockless valve
Solenoid valve unit
Pilot relief valve
EC motor
Group 7 - Others components (Undercarriage)
Swing bearing
Center joint
Track adjuster


Section 4 - Operational Performance Test
Group 1 Introduction
Operational performance test
Preparation for performance tests
Group 2 Standard
Operational Performance standard tables
Main pump P-Q diagram
Group 3 Engine test
Engine speed
Group 4 Excavator test
Travel speed
Track revolution speed
Mistrack check
Travel parking function check
Swing speed
Swing function drift check
Swing motor leakage
Swing bearing play
Maximum swingable slant angle
Hydraulic cylinder cycle time
Dig function drift check
Control lever operating force
Control lever stroke
Combined boom raise/swing function check
Group 5 Component test
Primary pilot pressure
Secondary pilot pressure
Solenoid valve set pressure
Main pump delivery pressure
Main relief valve set pressure
Overload relief valve set pressure
Main pump flow test
Swing motor drainage
Travel motor drain oil pressure

Section 5 - Troubleshooting
Group 1 Diagnosing Procedure
Diagnosing Procedure
Dr.EX Start-Up Procedure
Dr.EX Fault Code
Dr.EX Monitoring Function
Dr.EX Special Function (Service Mode)
Adjustable Data List
Group 2 Component Layout
Main Components
Electrical System (Overall System)
Electrical System (Relays)
Electrical System (Monitor and Switch Panels)
Pump and Related Parts
Control Valve
Others Components
Group 3 Troubleshooting A
Troubleshooting A Procedure
Fault Codes
Fault Code 01
Fault Code 02, 03
Fault Code 04, 05
Fault Code 06
Fault Code 07
Sensor Operating Range List
Group 4 Troubleshooting B
Troubleshooting B Procedure
Relationship between Machine Trouble Symptoms and Parts in Trouble
Correlation between Trouble Symptoms and Part Failures
Engine Troubleshooting
Actuator Control System Troubleshooting
Front Attachment Control System Troubleshooting
Swing System Troubleshooting
Travel System Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting for Other Functions
Engine Speed Adjustment and Engine Learning
Exchange Inspection Method
Group 5 Troubleshooting C
Troubleshooting C Procedure
Malfunction of Coolant Temperature Gauge
Malfunction of Fuel Gauge
Malfunction of Fuel Level Indicator
Malfunction of Indicator Light Check System
Malfunction of Level Check Switch
Malfunction of Engine Oil Level Indicator
Malfunction of Coolant Level Indicator
Malfunction of Hydraulic Oil Level Indicator
Malfunction of Alternator Indicator
Malfunction of Engine Oil Pressure Indicator
Malfunction of Overheat Indicator
Malfunction of Air Filter Restriction Indicator
Malfunction of Buzzer
Malfunction of Hour Meter
Group 6 Electrical System Inspection
Precautions for Inspection and Maintenance
Instructions for Disconnecting Connectors
Fuse Continuity Test
Inspection and Replacement of Fusible Links
Battery Voltage Check
How to Troubleshoot Alternator Malfunctions
Continuity Check
Voltage and Current Check
Replacement of Relay
Group 7 Harness Check
Circuit Check


Group 1 - Precautions for Disassembling and Assembling
Precautions for Disassembling and Assembling
Group 2 - Tightening Torque
Tightening Torque Specification
Torque Chart
Pipe Thread Connection / Union joint Tightening Torque Specifications

Group 1 - Cab
Remove and Install Cab
Group 2 - Counterweight
Remove and Install Counterweight
Group 3 - Main Frame
Remove and Install Main Frame
Group 4 - Pump Device
Remove and Install Pump Device
Disassemble Pump Device
Assemble Pump Device
Disassemble Regulator
Assemble Regulator
Disassemble and Assemble Pilot Pump
Maintenance Standard
Group 5 - Control Valve
Remove and Install Control Valve
Disassemble Control Valve 1
Assemble Control Valve 1
Disassemble Control Valve 2
Assemble Control Valve 2-1
Assemble Control Valve 2-2
Disassemble Control Valve 3
Assemble Control Valve 3
Disassemble Control Valve 4
Assemble Control Valve 4-1
Assemble Control Valve 4-2
Group 6 - Swing Device
Remove and Install Swing Device
Disassemble Swing Device
Assemble Swing Device
Disassemble Swing Motor
Assemble Swing Motor
Maintenance Standard
Disassemble Brake Valve
Assemble Brake Valve
Group 7 - Pilot Valve
Remove and Install Right Pilot Valve
Remove and Install Left Pilot Valve
Remove and Install Travel Pilot Valve
Disassemble Right and Left Pilot Valve
Assemble Right and Left Pilot Valve
Disassemble Travel Pilot Valve
Assemble Travel Pilot Valve
Group 8 - Pilot Shut-Off Valve
Remove and Install Pilot Shut-off Valve
Disassemble Pilot Shut-off Valve
Assemble Pilot Shut-off Valve
Group 9 - Shockless Valve
Remove and Install Shockless Valve
Disassemble and Assemble Shockless Valve
Group 10 - Solenoid Valve
Remove and Install Solenoid Valve Unit
Disassemble Propotional Solenoid Valve
Assemble Propotional Solenoid Valve
Group 11- Pilot Relief Valve Unit
Remove and Install Pilot Relief Valve Unit
Disassemble Pilot Relief Valve
Assemble Pilot Relief Valve

Group 1 - Swing Bearing
Remove and Install Swing Bearing
Group 2 - Travel Device
Remove and Install Travel Device
Disassemble Travel Device
Assemble Travel Device
Disassemble Travel Motor
Assemble Travel Motor
Disassemble Base Plate
Assemble Base Plate
Maintenance Standard
Group 3 - Center Joint
Remove and Install Center Joint
Disassemble Center Joint
Assemble Center Joint
Maintenance Standard
Group 4 - Track Adjuster
Remove and Install Track Adjuster
Disassemble Track Adjuster
Assemble Track Adjuster
Group 5 - Front Idler
Remove and Install Front Idler
Disassemble Front Idler
Assemble Front Idler
Maintenance Standard
Group 6 - Upper and Lower Roller
Remove and Install Upper Roller
Remove and Install Lower Roller
Disassemble Upper Roller
Disassemble Lower Roller
Assemble Lower Roller
Maintenance Standard
Group 07 - Tracks
Remove and Install Tracks
Maintenance Standard

Group 1 - Front attachment
Remove and install front attachment
Maintenance Standard
Bucket teeth
Standard dimensions for arm and bucket connection
Group 2 - Cylinders
Remove and install cylinders
Hydraulic circuit pressure release procedure
Disassemble cylinders
Assemble cylinders
Maintenance Standard
Special Tools

List of Sections

Section1 - Diagnostics

Section2 - Removal & Installation Ex 135 Engine
Engine/Pumps Assembly Removal
Air Conditioner
Electrical Connections
Hydraulic Pumps
Engine/Pumps Assembly Lifting
Engine/Pumps Assembly Installation
Tightening Torques
Fuel System Air Bleeding
Filling The Cooling Sistem
Hydraulic System Oil Refilling

Section3 - Engine Ex 135 Overhaul
Specifications and data
Mounting clearances - Data
Graphic Representation and Symbols
Tightening torques
Special tools
Stripping down the engine in the Workshop
Repairs - Cylinder block - Checks and measurements
Replacement of cylinder liners
Camshaft - Bushes - Valve Lifters
Cam pitch and bearing journal alignment check
Driven toothed wheel replacement
Bush replacement
Valve lifters
Replacement of valve lifters
Mounting of valve lifters - camshaft
Main and connecting rod bearing journals
Check of main bearing journal alignment
Replacement of driving toothed wheel steering and oil pump
Mounting of main bearings
Checking of main bearing journal mounting clearance
Crankshaft end play check
Rear flywheel cover
Engine flywhee
Replacement of engine flywheel toothed wheel
Connecting rod ± piston assembly
Piston diameter measurement
Piston pins
Piston rings
Connecting rods
Check of rectangularity of connecting rod
Mounting of connecting rod - piston assembly
Connecting rod - piston mating
Connecting rod - piston rectangularity check
Mounting of piston rings
Adjustment of the mounting clearance of the connecting rod journals
Mounting of connecting rod covers
Check and replacement of the transmission gear wheel
Replacement of bush for transmission gear wheel
Mounting of the transmission gear wheel and adjustment of the steering
Cylinder head
Tightness check
Dismounting of valves
Check of cylinder head bearing surface on cylinder block
Removal of incrustration and valve check
Valve grinding
Boring of inner surfaces of valve stem guides
Check of clearance between valve spindle and valve stem guide
Refinishing of valve seats
Valve sealing test
Remounting of valves
Mounting of cylinder head
Mounting of valve lifter shaft and adjustment of working clearance between valves and valve liftersi
Oil pump
Oil filter
Oil pump assembly
Cooling system
Water pump
Carrying out engine assembly at work bench
Injection pump installation and timing
Adjustment of the driving belt tension: water pump ± generator and fan
Necessary checks before dismounting the turbocharger from the engine
Fuel feed
Injection pump
BOSCH stock number
Mode of operation
Feed step
Automatic injection adjustment
Starting device disconnected
Load±dependent feed start (L.F.B.)
Position of the governor collar in the LFB
L.D.A. device (load±dependent feed adjustment)
Mode of operation
Dismounting of the injection pump
Check of pressure increasing control valve
Pre±adjustment of the adjustment screw for the L.D.A. device
Lift adjustment of the L.D.A. device
Adjustment of the starting dimension "MS" (only engine 8040.45)

Calibration tables
Section6 - Recharge and Start - Up
Starter Motor
Quick diagnosis
Magneti Marelli MT 67CB - 4kW
Test and checks on the vehicle Current absorption test
Voltage drop test on the circuit
Excessive voltage drop test on the circuit
Starter motor earth test
Voltage drop test on the solenoid contacts
Bench test
Quick diagnosis
Bosch NL1 28V 10/55A
Test and Checks the Vehicle
Maximum output test
Pressure drop test on the circuit
Voltage drop test on the earth circuit
Voltage regulator calibration test
Alternator belt tensioning
Disassembly and bench test