Bomag BM 2000/60 Cold Milling Machine Operating and Maintenance Instructions Manual

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This manual PDF download describes procedures for operation, handling, lubrication, maintenance, checking, and trouble shooting for the Bomag BM 2000/60 Cold Milling Machine. It will help the operator or anyone realize peak performance through effective, economical and safe machine operation and maintenance.


Bomag Cold Milling Machine BM 2000/60
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Technical Data
Safety regulations

Indicators and Controls
3.1 View of operating console left, middle, right
3.2 General notes
3.3 Display and control elements operator's stand
3.4 View rear right hand control panel
3.5 Control elements on rear right hand control panel
3.6 View rear left hand control panel
3.7 Description of rear left hand control panel
3.8 View front right hand control panel
3.9 Description of front right hand control panel
3.10 View front left hand control panel
3.11 Description of front left hand control panel
3.12 Automatic levelling control
3.13 Description of levelling control
3.14 View of ultrasonic levelling system
3.15 View of water spray system

4.1 General notes
4.2 Tests before taking into operation
4.3 Starting the engine
4.4 Starting with jump wires
4.5 Shutting down the engine
4.6 Steering
4.7 Lifting / lowering the machine
4.8 Switching the milling drum on/off
4.9 Operating the scraper
4.10 Operation of loading and gathering conveyor belt
4.11 Driving the machine
4.12 Preparing for work
4.13 Work operation, setting the cutting depth
4.14 Automatic milling depth control
4.15 Milling depth control by means of ultrasound
4.16 Stopping/finishing work
4.17 Adjusting the seat
4.18 Operating the engine hood
4.19 Operating the protection roof on the operator's stand
4.20 In events of emergency
4.21 Preparing the machine for a longer rest
4.22 Operating the water spray system 90
4.23 Folding / unfolding the loading conveyor belt
4.24 Loading, transport
4.25 Multi-function display
4.26 Scrapping the machine

5.1 General notes on maintenance
5.2 Fuels and lubricants
5.3 Table of fuels and lubricants
5.4 Running-in instructions
5.5 Maintenance table
5.6 Check the engine oil level
5.7 Check, clean the water separator
5.8 Check the fuel level
5.9 Checking the hydraulic oil level
5.10 Check water level, spray nozzles
5.11 Check/replace cutting tools, scraper
5.12 Checking the track plates
5.13 Check, tighten the conveyor belts
5.14 Checking the safety ropes
5.15 Lubricate the machine
5.16 Check the coolant level
5.17 Check the oil level in the pump drive gear 123
5.18 Retightening the track shoe fastening screws 124
5.19 Lubricate the machine 124
5.20 Clean the cooling fins on engine and hydraulic oil cooler
5.21 Cleaning the engine
5.22 Changing engine oil and oil filter cartridges
5.23 Checking, replacing the generator V-belt
5.24 Checking, replacing the milling drum V-belt
5.25 Checking the track drive
5.26 Lubricate the machine
5.27 Check, adjust the valve clearance
5.28 Change the fuel pre-filter cartridge
5.29 Change the fuel filter cartridge
5.30 Check fastening of engine / turbocharger / combustion air hoses
5.31 Checking the crankcase pressure
5.32 Intercooler, draining oil and condensation water
5.33 Change the hydraulic oil
5.34 Changing the hydraulic oil filter
5.35 Change the oil in the pump drive gear
5.36 Change the oil in the milling drum reduction gear
5.37 Oil change in milling drum bearing
5.38 Oil change in track drive gear
5.39 Drain the sludge from the fuel tank
5.40 Battery maintenance
5.41 Changing the coolant
5.42 Changing the injection valve
5.43 Changing the coolant pump
5.44 Changing the pressure retaining valve on te injection pump
5.45 Changing the crankcase ventilation valve
5.46 Service the combustion air filter
5.47 Clean water tank and water filter
5.48 Water spray system, maintenance in case of frost
5.49 Clean the pressure cleaner water filter
5.50 Tightening torques
5.51 Engine conservation

Trouble shooting
6.1 General notes
6.2 Engine


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Using these instructions will help you to become familiar with the machine, avoid malfunctions caused by unprofessional operation.

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